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All you need is paint and your imagination:


Kinds of paints available: Fabric paint; Acrylic pant; Textile Medium.  You can mix colours to get the colour you are looking for.  Read all instructions on paint container for special instructions.  Some paints will air dry to a permanent colour after approx 24 hours.  Some paints you need to heat set the colour with a dry iron.

These are Folk Art Acrylic paint and the middle bottle is the Textile Medium.

Use 50% of paint and 50% of medium, mix together.

Jacquard textile paints can be found on the internet.  These are made for fabric, therefore no medium is needed. 

These are only two of the paints that can be used.  See what paints are in the stores near you or search the world wide web and see what is out there.  There are new things all the time.


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